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The CEO Pulse: Inflation Resource Center

What’s top of mind for CEOs? Inflation

Introducing The CEO Pulse, a new initiative from the Vistage Research team that brings together expert insights and peer perspectives to help you navigate decisions around some of the most pressing, complex issues facing small and midsize businesses right now. Our first focus: inflation.

Inflation has surged as an unanticipated consequence of the economic shutdown during the pandemic with no predictable end in sight. Pent-up consumer demand, fueled by the government’s infusion of $4+ trillion in economic support has unleashed a wave of inflation that is challenging for CEOs to plan for and understand. Supply chain challenges, increased wages to compete for talent, price increases from suppliers, and now the Russian-Ukraine war, all contribute to the rising cost of everything. Here’s the latest from Vistage Research on the big picture of inflation’s implications [updated March 31, 2022]. 

To help with decision-making, we have curated:

  1. Insights on inflation from trusted experts 
  2. Real-life approaches to inflation from CEO peers
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  4. Third-party resources on inflation

Insights on inflation from trusted experts 

ITR Economics on CEO response to inflation [Requires My Vistage password]
Alan Beaulieu, President of ITR Economics, shares his thoughts on rising costs, what that means for small and midsize businesses, and how CEOs should respond. He addresses misconceptions, panic buying and his prediction for 2026. [Jan. 2022 update]

How to manage rising costs through strategic pricing
To help members execute price increases successfully, we asked Vistage Speaker and President of Boost Profits Casey Brown to share her unique perspective, which includes an effective, segmented pricing strategy and equipping salespeople to convey and defend higher pricing, an often-overlooked component.

3 key themes that will drive your business
Balentine CEO Adrian Cronje explores how inflation, productivity growth from tech acceleration and COVID will drive your decision-making. [Dec. 16, 2021]

Compensation consultant Somersan on wage compensation in the face of inflation
Vistage speaker and Compensation Consulting Services Managing Partner Rena Somersan examines why CEOs are raising wages and offering higher signing bonuses to stay competitive. [Dec. 22, 2021]

Real-life approaches to inflation from CEO peers  

To cope with surging prices, wage increases, supply chain bottlenecks and other inflation-related challenges, many CEOs are rethinking how they compensate their employees, structure their investments and deal with unexpected costs. We spoke with four Vistage CEO members from construction and manufacturing — industries particularly hard-hit by inflation — to understand how they’re addressing these challenges. Read their points of view 

While the pandemic has left some scars on businesses, Vistage members remain optimistic. They’re finding silver linings and creative solutions to drive revenue, retain employees and change customer relationships. Learn more from our recent member roundtable and gain 5 tips for leading through inflation.

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Third-party resources on inflation

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